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Who We Are And
Why We Do It

We as a company believes in building a home with sustainability in mind. Our passion is to share what we have learned over the years with people who have the same values.

We can no longer ignore the impact we have on the earth's ecosystems. The way we live, the choices we make in providing for our needs, will have an enormous influence on the quality of life of those who will follow us.

We build all homes with sustainability in mind, using "Sustainable Fiberglass Composite Pilings" if you need to lift your home off the ground and the use of "Energy Efficient" materials. Building greener homes are important to us. And every material and company we work with contribute to the sustainability and providing beauty in the process.

Why Learn OnLine With Us?

We created these on-line courses to pass on our knowledge. We want to teach people that you can build and live a sustainable life.

Learn with our on-line Courses on how to build your future home from the ground up. Also learn how to use different tools to get the job done and where to find the resources and vendors. Each course takes from 30 to 45 minutes.

We will teach you:

  • What sustainable materials to use.
  • What vendors we use to accomplish this.
  • How to use the tools for the job.

These courses are great if you just want to learn how it's done, how to use tools or you want to know the vendors that have the green initiative. These courses are for you.

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Our courses are organized by Path base categories. Read more about how to build a home, vendors to use and what tools to use.


Learn how to use several tools that you will be using to build your home, etc.


Learn how to build a home from scratch or put together a beautiful module home.


Learn which vendors you should be using for your materials

How It Works

Achieve your dreams and change the world one day at a time.

First, you click on the "ENROLL NOW" button which will take you to the main website. Once you join, you have access to our courses where you can take any lessons on any devices.

Once, you join us you have access to our courses where you can take using any devices.

Meet the Contractors

Our contractors/builders are all qualified to help you learn all there's about building your new home. We will teach you how to use various tools and find the right vendors for your materials.

Gerald Morganti


Experience Contractor that believes in leaving this earth as we found it.

Andres Rivera

CTO/Web Developer

IT/Web Develope Professional for many years who shares the CEO's vision.

Learn On Any Device

Courses can be taken from any device

You are on the go and what better way for you to continue your training. Use your desktop when you are home or office. Go to your favorite park and continue your training. Learn on the go.


"I purchased your course and I learn so much that I took the knowledge and help several people in Puerto Rico"

- Hector Rosa, San Juan

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So What Would It Be Worth
To You To Learn

  • This training is going to help you answer many questions about building a home from the ground up.

  • If you are not an apprentice to a master builder then taking these course is your next best way to learn. You will be able to take these courses from any devices - anywhere.

  • You will learn which vendors to do business with and the materials to use.

Enroll And Be The Best Contractor
That You Can Be

When you enroll during this special, limited time launch period, you'll get:

01 The "FULL Build Your Home Training" course: Priority access to all 5 Modules with downloadable videos, checklists, cheat sheets, and audio. Value - $500

02 BONUS #1 - Instant Access to the Closed-Door Webinars "Facebook Group" where you'll gain unlimited insight, inspiration, and feedback on your "Home Build" system

03 BONUS #2 - The Vendor Listing - so that you never have to struggle with finding companies with the green initiative. Value - $297


SandCastle Developers LLC, is licensed in Florida/New Jersey. We are a company that believes in saving the earth and has a passion to share information on how we as a people can contribute to the sustainability of our environment.


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