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Content Marketing

Content Marketing is marketing that involves the creation and sharing of information online.  You can use materials like videos, blogs, and social media posts.  Content marketing is intended to stimulate interest in your products or services.

Here's a list of 8 items to help you accomplish your goal.

1. Know your audience

You need to write for a particular audience.  It is important to know your audience ahead of time.   Once, you have figured out your audiences you need to create a successful content marketing strategy.

You need to know your audience and segment them based on their interests.  You can segment your audience based on age, gender, education, and income.

You need to collect the demographics of your target audience based on your website visitors, email subscribers, and social media followers.  You can get that data on "Google Analysis" under the "audience".  And check who's following you on social media.

For example, you can get Democrat Graphics information using Google Analytics.  Check under audiences, demographics, and age.  You will see gender and all the breakdowns.  You can also check out Facebook page insights.

Aggregated demographic data about the people who like your page base under age and gender information which is an estimate.


2. Create high-quality content

If you create high-quality content it will benefit you.  It will increase your brand awareness, increase traffic and social media shares.  It will improve website ranking, improves website dwell time, and it will help you gain reads.

So creating great high-quality content involves brainstorming topics and terms, use a keyword research tool to gather results, create original content, creating compelling headlines, give valuable content to your readers, and research well-known sites to get ideas.

Create engaging thought and provoking content.  One of the things you should follow is the logical structure and the use of relevant images.  You should use different content forms. You should write short paragraphs to make the content readable.  You should write regularly.

Also be aware 5 voice and grammatical mistakes, have a clear "call-to-action" at the end of your article, created content that fulfills viewers requirement, use examples to clarify your content, make your content visually appealing, avoid images from public domain sites.


3. Consistently run A/b test

With A/B split testing, the conversion rate can be significant.  Find this out when you do ab testing.   Visit MailChimp: MailChimp

There are four elements to test in your content marketing strategy.  With images, you want to ensure that the image you use is relevant to the Post.

Test your idea content length with the help of Google analytics tools.

For signup forms improve your sign up process and create a user-friendly experience for your website visitors.  Use a CTA button and make sure it stands out from the rest of your content. So test the font, color, and the CTA button.


4. Conduct a competitor analysis

You can opt for competitor analysis and identify your company competitors' top-performing content for relevant topics.  Competitor analysis can help an individual to improve his/her conversion rate.

What is the competition doing? What is the Step Baseline? You can find in "Google Analysis" to help you with your conversion rates.

What you can do is find out your strongest competitors by using the search engine.  You can check which websites are competing and you can do this by searching google.

Go to your search engine and put in your keywords and you should get a list of the metadata of your competitors you can compare this information with what you have or get ideas.

Another way to find out your competitor is by using "SEMrush" tools or "MOZ".


5. Choose a suitable content format and decide the type of content you want to create.

Use valuable content that you want to share with your website visitors and subscribers.  Use social media and any other websites that you want to share your content with.  Make sure you use a sharable social media icon.

If you are going to provide ebooks make your content longer and in-depth.  Unlike block posts, don't publish it frequently.  Ebooks should be special and add great images.

You can use infographics to show detail visualization of data and it should be more engagingly.  Make it easy to understand with great images.

You can create a podcast for the audience that doesn't have an interest in reading your content every day.  A podcast will help them find your brand and help them solve a problem that they might be having.

Use the proper format for your content.  Choose a (CMS) Contact Management System like WordPress.  WordPress is a powerful content management system that is a free open-source system.  There are others, I find that WordPress is being used by many major companies.

WordPress is going to work for you. You will be able to plan, produce, manage, publish and measure your results in one place.


6. Target your audience using emails

Emails help you to communicate directly with your target audience and convert them to leads.  Follow up with your subscribers with newsletters, automate messages, send seasonal emails, and all promotional emails.

If you need a HTML-Email design, check out: HTML-Email Template


7. Use native ads

You can use native ads which is one of the smartest ways to connect your audience with your brand.  According to Forbes online audiences are 25% more likely to look at a native ad then as a banner.


8. Measure your content performance

You can measure your content performance by using "Google Analysis".  Measuring and analyzing the performance of your content continually is essential.  Measuring the right metrics can help you understand whether your content is engaging or not.  A basic metric are users, page views, unique page views, sessions, 1-100 bounce rate.


Here's a summary, a checklist just in case the above stuff confused you.

  • Make your content worth reading.
  • Curate your content.
  • Guess post on influential bloggers' websites.
  • Add statistical, numbers, and quotes to your content.
  • Make sure you share all your content on SlideShare.
  • Once you have published the content share it on the social channels and blog.
  • Add a testimonial section on your site.
  • Promote your blog post for maximum success.
  • Create personas for your different user audiences.
  • Choose the right content.
  • Add a single H1 and multiple H2 tags on your web pages.
  • Customize the metadata.
  • Create a detailed summary and title.
  • Make it easy for the audience to ask questions and comment on your blog.

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