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First, I would like to say thank you for supporting Boss Lady Development and our mission to empower women with the tools necessary to succeed professionally and personally.   A special thank you goes to those who came to the launch party and to our wonderful hosts Winston and Strawn, LLP.   Be sure to check out the photos from our launch party.

Being in the room with that much Boss Lady power was truly inspiring.   I hope you all felt as motivated as I did by our speaker, Minué Yoshida of Yoshida Consulting.   As Minué said, we are only limited by our own perceptions of reality.   Together we are here to change the perceptions we have of ourselves from ordinary women to extraordinary bosses.

As we move forward, Boss Lady Development is committed to your success in achieving your goals.   We will be hosting quarterly workshops around different topics designed to provide you with the tools to encourage you to step into your power.   Stay tuned for details on our next event.

Remember, Boss Lady Development is for you!   If you have any suggestions for workshop topics or for speakers we can feature, please let us know.   As always, live your best life.

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Boss Lady Spotlight

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Kenya Roberts has a combined 12 years’ experience working with local and international non-profits in development.   She currently serves on the Board of two organizations that focus on Women and children in addition to providing non-profit consulting to a wide range organizations.

She is the founder of the “Wings of a Butterfly ” event, the Annual Children’s Cancer Fundraiser which raises funds annually for Pediatric Cancer.   Kenya has always had a passion for working with women and children and this passion continues to lead her.

Now that's a boss!

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